What is the importance of the diploma when applying for a job?

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As a student I wonder how important is the availability of the diploma, it is important whether it be a diploma engineer or master and does it matter which University the degree was obtained, when looking for a job as a programmer or an administrator?

Interested in say, a General answer (without work experience), and if it is easy then bound to a concrete situation: with the release I will have about 2 years experience so to say, additional administrator in the computer center of the University (follow the instructions from the main admin).

Thank you.

Important experience and knowledge. Paper no surprise IMHO!

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For “abstract” work, and the overwhelming number of situations — not important diploma absolutely.

But some large companies without a diploma, according to the profile (level of diploma on the side) candidate will not even be considered, on the one hand. And on the other hand, if you think to leave to work abroad, for visa diploma on the profile (level of diploma on the side) is almost a necessary thing.

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You are right. The only requirement is tough enough out there on this.

If talking about the United States, against essentially “paper in/o” in the case of confirmation of experience must have around 10-15 years (depending on specialty) in the trust is sufficient (from the point of view of the Consulate).


>>how important is the availability of the diploma

Let’s say: once in school to learn. But special pluses I do not see. The main thing is that he was a good man 🙂 And the subject dealt.

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Useful, but not early in his career.

In leadership positions it is often asked, including in the adequate companies.

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Where is where, but there work is not worth it. In the early working career he vowed not to work in state structures.




I personally encountered a situation on a couple of enterprises (when studied), when the engineer did not take due to the lack of a diploma.

So, I would advise to still get a tower, at least for myself. We are learning for yourself, right?

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But to this rule there is an exception — a very large company like Google. Another example is the employment abroad: your potential employer may not care whether you finished school or University, but the state itself can set strict requirements for foreigners wishing to obtain a work visa.


Important is not the diploma, but knowledge.

Honestly, not having the towers, many times faced with the problem of the need of something that I have some idea how to do it, but knowledge is not enough (Matan, Torver, etc.). But rather the exception. Colleagues with the tower really didn’t help, MB in the power of the age that knowledge is gone. Working as a system administrator, has to make a difficult optimization and non-trivial solutions for the programmer, not sysadmin.

But in General, as someone said, “a diploma proves that the candidate is able to for five years to do boring monotonous work, achieving the goal that he did not really need”.

In addition, the direct arrival to positions of leadership in most companies, as well as any even slightly significant positions in some companies (for example, Beeline, Gazprom) without a diploma you are closed.

Total experience 7 years

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Just love to work

For IT is not so important, the importance could be the first device to work, but it is easier to work as a freelancer or just while studying somewhere.

Russian diploma plus almost no knowledge does not, as in most universities, training programs have lagged behind for decades, and is developing so rapidly that it is already possible to be retrained every two years.

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Can’t fully agree with it.

Every two years an approach to the implementation of the basic principles. The mathematical apparatus of the basic principles in the common framework — all pretty conservative and oddly enough — in the relevant professions is taught very well.

A man who knows these are the basics — very easy to relearn, in the new technology sees the well-forgotten old and makes fewer critical mistakes. The man who does not know these basics — storms every new technology as a brilliant opening, with all the consequences for the speed and quality of perception of this new.



Oh show me thousands of programmers coming out of Russian universities with a good base that I could use as seeds.

I don’t want to say that all is bad teaching, and I want to say that poor teaching is probably 99% of the students.

Actually, the demand for programmers giant, salaries are overrated.

Take for example one University, Moscow state University, on open data they have in 2010 year there were 40 thousand people on a budget, there are those who have good and kind of focused on learning. And not the public sector there is probably another hundred thousand. Take not the correct assumption that 10 percent of them enrolled in programming. And ifit was so in the year we would have received 4,000 new programmers, more programmers would cover the entire deficit in the labour market and this is just one University. From my stream in a couple of hundred people, in the end, the programmers became the man probably 5 maybe even seven.

And this despite the fact that the programmers are damn high wages, to take the same your price tag of $ 40 per hour when fulltime it comes to $6400, I think 4000 of those potential programmers, which I’m glad to see the labor market needs to tear your ass in the desire to obtain such is not the smallest salary.

But they are not. Sometimes I think Habr born in the year of the programmers more than any University, just drawing people not programmers.


> show me thousands of programmers coming out of Russian universities with a good base

So, the problem is not the lack of bases, it is the problem of getting to the right specialty (and unfortunately most specialties allegedly hacking databases do not give a good, rather, it is that after every 2 years to re-learn) that people need (since programming became fashionable, it became a problem) and the problem is unwillingness to learn (from the group of 20 people, 15 gets good grades and does well 1-2 people). Given all these factors — they are not thousands, God forbid, hundreds, tens of thousands of vacancies, hence the problem.

> take the your a price tag of $ 40 per hour when fulltime it goes $6400

No, freelance simple multiplication does not work unfortunately:) for honest work should be multiplied by 80, God forbid, because the search of the customer and discuss the TOR also time is running out, and the 8-hour productive day for employees is fantastic. And if we talk about project-by-project work, there are already about 40 bucks is it because of the opt, so all is not so rosy.

Although in office frankly would receive 2 times more than freelance, but to go to the office, unfortunately, not an option.