My Thoughts: George Orwell’s Animal Farm essay had not been a tough essay to compose, thanks to one reason, the fact that we wanted to use facts to post the essay. Though I really do enjoy writing essays i travel to speak my thoughts, Furthermore, i choose to write an essay that makes use of facts now and then.

George Orwells Animal Farm uses animals and objects to represent political figures and events which had been a part of the Russian Revolution. Stalin and Trotsky were two of the three main leaders post-revolution leading Russia after Lenin died. Though beginning with the notion that everybody was equal, it ended with Stalin rising to power. George Orwell, in Animal Farm, personifies Stalin and Trotsky with Snowball Napoleon. Snowball, representing Trotsky had many of the same characteristics also actions as Trotsky. Napoleon and Stalin had much of the same things in common as well.

Snowball (symbolizing Trotsky) was idealistic, intellectual, an effective speaker, and wanted the modernization of Animal Farm. His views and ideas for the revolution were simple. He would like to industrialize Animal Farm, and spread the revolution to every one of the farms globally so in return, they are able to rule themselves and kick-from the humans. With the displeasure of Napoleon, other pig in charge, Snowball was the favored one and was liked by all the animals. Snowball was exiled by Napoleon. Later Napoleon accused Snowball of doing work for the humans from day one, and was declared a traitor.

Trotsky, a brilliant speaker and also a writer, was an ideologist, an intellectual who desired to industrialize Russia, combined with spread communism to the rest of the world. He had a number of the same traits as Snowball. Trotsky gained many loyal followers through the years, as snowball had done. Trotsky had been a formidable opponent for Stalin; therefore Stalin knocked Trotsky right out of the game by exiling him and lastly assassinating him there. Both Trotsky and Snowball were loyal to their cause both sharing almost identical qualities. Napoleon, having much in normal with Snowball did however have a very different personality combined with political view. Napoleon, having practical interests, was just focused on building upon Animal Farm. Still wanting industrialization, however not as much as Snowball. Napoleon was power-hungry and wanted to knock any competition taken care of go ahead and necessary. Snowball was the military strategist, studying Julius Cesar, making him a threat to Napoleons time to rule Animal Farm. After exiling Snowball as he was obviously a threat, he took throughout the farm. Thereafter he did whatever he needed to do with no interference or different opinion since he used fear tactics. Using dogs, that had been his personal bodyguards, the animals did what they have to were expected to do by Napoleon.